Children of the Universe

by Alex Monday, March 21, 2017. On Belonging. I write to you, my Dear Friends, You are… fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous indeed…* For better or worse, those  in the Trans/Gender-Fluid, Intersex, Bi, Lesbian, Gay, and Queer-identified Family, find themselves on the cusp of Progressive Social Adaptation. If you have been told you are unworthy, wrong, broken, […]

Archive Poetry, #2

–2014-2016– Alex Monday ODE TO THE CAPTAIN Someone tell an Angel that small Harbors are Paradise. Fish blood, fish hearts; in the blood of everything live the Stars and the Sea. The Ideas that most excite you do not save. There is born in some a Wildness to seek their Destiny at Sea. Old Captains […]


–2013– From Notes,  Hilo, Hawaii by Alex Monday Nothing was guaranteed. Except that moment… It was the end of October. The plane from Seattle arrived in Kona around five-thirty in the afternoon. My plan was to hitch a ride down to the town. I walked in the muggy heat until it was dark. Arm out […]

Political Archives

TRIBUTE TO A MAN I NEVER KNEW by Alex Monday, November 24, 2014 This is my body. Broken for you. Eat and remember. The words of Communion. The words I recite to myself as I knead the dough. This year, my contribution to the festive foods at the holiday table will be bread. Bread I […]

Archive Poetry, #1

  –2014-2016– Alex Monday   MONDAY DAYDREAM Little dog hiding under the lilies. Sweeping the patio, bare-foot, methodical. There are beautiful places in the world, still. The sun is the same in the desert as at sea. White bread to solder copper. Wish for something lightly. These are the things that come to pass. And […]

Life with Dogs

–2014-2016– From Notes, the first years with Dachshunds, by Alex Monday  I don’t know if I can stand to be needed  that much—the way dogs need you. She said. The Boy wasn’t sure. He only knew he needed dogs. The Hounds watch him with soulful eyes. If he speaks, they tipped their heads back and forth, ears cocked […]