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by Alex Monday, November 24, 2014
This is my body. Broken for you. Eat and remember. The words of Communion. The words I recite to myself as I knead the dough. This year, my contribution to the festive foods at the holiday table will be bread. Bread I create with my own hands. Through a simple and ancient process. Flour with leaven. Bread is my secret life-long passion. My connection to past lives; ancestors who came before and are no longer. Bread. Symbol of Humanity. Of Poverty. Of Wealth. Of universal Ideology. Of knowledge. The sacred food of tradition, religion, and ritual. This year, bread will be my tribute to a man I never knew.

I hear them chanting. The same Voice, throughout the Centuries. Their cries for notice to the Powerful . The voice of a Slave-people in the desert. The sound of peasants revolting . Huddled masses, yearning to breathe free! The Egyptian Spring. The voice of Occupy. A Ukrainian Demand for independence. Displaced refugees. Immigrants seeking a chance at the American Dream. The voice of the Oppressed crying out that Liberty and Justice be granted to all.

Police have the sacred charge to protect and defend citizens, and aliens seeking asylum, under the Constitution. Season’s Greetings hangs in red over downtown Ferguson. Framing TV Image of Police in riot gear, six deep, guarding State buildings. If you are of the Strong, the Powerful, the Privileged, it is your solemn duty to care for the Small, the Underprivileged, and the Oppressed. To champion the cause of the unrepresented, to speak up for the voiceless. Police Terror committed on United States Citizens must end. Racial Profiling on youth of Color must end. All human life, regardless of income, education level, mental ability, geographical bracket, or skin color must be respected and protected.

Measure. Mix. Knead. Rise. Bake. The steps to the process keeping time with the mounting tide; Online, on Television, over the Radio. I hear them today. Marching to the Courts. Voting in the streets. Voting with their feet. Protesters in Times Square. Students in Seattle. Coast-to-Coast, people coming together in solidarity. Those who believe in Equality, Human Rights and social Justice marching with them. Standing with Ferguson. Standing with the Brown Family. Standing with Michael’s Mother; today she is all of our Mom.

This year, let us break bread and remember the broken. To Michael Brown. And all the Fallen he represents. May we be granted our Birthright of Happiness, Freedom and equal Justice. Before God, before our fellow man and under American Constitutional Law. May the Common Citizen, the little guy, the underdog, the youth of every decent, prosper, without fear of terror from Police, beside his fellow country-men. May Government of the people, by the people –regardless of color, and for the people, long endure!

May we come together now, Indivisible.

Three dozen rolls painted with an egg-glaze in the mark of a cross. This Bread is my tribute to a man I never knew.



by Alex Monday, December 26, 2014

Yo, Santa! All I want for Christmas is my fellow Americans, and aliens seeking asylum within our borders, to be free from paid Police Brutality.
I find it telling that a peaceful American assembly converging upon a mall at Christmas –a time when corporate (i.e. Mall of America, owned by Canadian company Triple Five Group) retailers expect to generate the majority of their yearly revenue, with the intent to publicly protest police brutality particularly and unjustly directed toward minorities, and the economically deficient demographic of our society (i.e. –brown people, black people, and people struggling to exist below the national poverty level ) are met with a passive-aggressiveness message projected in caps: “ THIS DEMONSTRATION IS NOT AUTHORIZED AND IS IN CLEAR VIOLATION OF MALL OF AMERICA POLICY. WE EXPECT ALL PARTICIPANTS TO DISPERSE AT THIS TIME. THOSE WHO CONTINUE TO DEMONSTRATE WILL BE SUBJECT TO ARREST.”

And actual aggression: Police removing protesters. Police in riot gear! Who is controlling these riot police? Who is writing their paycheck? Think long and deep, young grasshopper… has someone gotten the best of you and you are not even aware of how fiscal clout and public opinion violently bed each other?
We are currently witnessing a terrible disparity in the reality experienced by hundreds of thousands of people on a daily basis in the United States. I find our current civil rights conflict eerie similarity to pre-European-invasion Germany, and NAZI –police, racially profiled brutality in the 1930s and 40s. And unfortunately a nearly identical struggle the one witnessed by History in our own country; the civil rights push for equity last time around. As a young white male with access to the good life, as a citizen of the United States of America, and of the World, as an advocate of Human Rights, and a member of the Clergy, as a free and intelligent and learned man, I feel it is my personal responsibility to document the unfolding of these historic events and to transcribe and publish my personal opinion regarding the spirit of change that is awakening.

I note that if you do not understand this to be a real situation demanding immediate attention, if you do not believe that racism is alive and fostered in our country today, that marginalized groups are systematically isolated to prevent them from banding together for progressive change, that white people–specifically middle class and above, have access to a different world than their brown/black brothers and sisters, then you are at least a contributor to this disparity, and at most a source for this vile ideology, cultural regression and inequality. If death is the great equalizer, why not equality in life before we die?

Scientists inform us that the human brain, our collective mind, is evolving faster now than in any past point of the progression of our species. We have progressed to a point where our past suppositions and modes of operation have become invalid. It is time for openness to new perception. This winter holiday will I get dignity, equality and respect for every life, regardless of financial holdings, economic contribution, number of generations born on this soil, cultural up-bringing, religious heritage, education, mental capacity, physical prowess, and skin-tone, or will it be a bullet in the back and a baton to the knees, and a trumped up criminal record to justify the violence…?
Santa, I have been nice. I have said nothing. I have lived my minimally-marginalized, mainly white-privilege-life in relative silence. It is time to force dialogue regarding unacknowledged facets of the #black lives matter/ #I can’t breathe /#we can’t breath narrative. It’s time to challenge the cultural striation ; to face this situation of national inequity. This growing need for critical social justice is a real struggle. The time is now. Time to be naughty…


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