Children of the Universe

by Alex Monday, March 21, 2017.

On Belonging.

I write to you, my Dear Friends,

You are… fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous indeed…*

For better or worse, those  in the Trans/Gender-Fluid, Intersex, Bi, Lesbian, Gay, and Queer-identified Family, find themselves on the cusp of Progressive Social Adaptation. If you have been told you are unworthy, wrong, broken, an abomination, a sinner, cast out, rejected, if you have been forced to leave your Family of Origin because of your difference, because of the way you were born, if you have suffered loneliness, isolation, deep internal angst, as you struggled between your lived experience and a coerced gender performance, than may my words be a salve to your  broken heart.

The Universe is abundant and without lack.You are a child of the Universe, you have  a right to live, a right to thrive, without request, apology or regret. You have the right to be loved, to be viewed and treated with dignity, as a Human. You have the right to Bodily autonomy. You have a right to use the restroom of your choosing. You have the right to how you choose to present your Personhood to the world. You have a right to your own Gender and the expression thereof. You have a right to preferred Pronouns. You have a right to Name/Re-name yourself, to identify yourself on your own terms, and to expect others to respect this right. You deserve, by virtue of existence, to move freely and visibly within society, without fear.

My Friends, remember that you are Free!

Culture is ever evolving and changing. Religions are ever evolving and changing. Laws, Social requirements, and even gods, are created by and at the whim of Public Opinion. You have a right to the pursuit of your own Happiness. Your Dreams, goals, your aspirations, are viable, valid and worth pursuing.  May the bleached bones again live; a great army of fleshed out people who know their own truth. May you begin, today, to create the life you dream of living. May your hearts become strong as you rise up and resist oppression, injustice and discrimination. May any opposing no be your Flame of Inspiration to carry on in your journey.

For you are …fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous indeed…!*

*( Christian Sacred txt. book of Psalm, chap.138, paragraph 14)


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